Recovery Centers:

Recovery Community Centers are a place for people who are interested in recovery. We offer recovery coaching to help those who are seeking recovery, family and friends of people in recovery, or those who are in recovery. Our main focus is to help people initiate and sustain their recovery utilizing a non-clinical peer to peer based approach. We also offer telephone recovery support, social events, meetings and groups throughout the week: AA, NA, HA, SMART, Art, Music, and more.

Our Centers

Recovery Coaching:

At Hope, our recovery coaches support people impacted by addiction through lived experience. We walk the journey with you, meeting you where you’re at; not telling you what to do. This is your recovery! Our coaches help you make a recovery plan and find your personal recovery pathway. Coaches also help you access treatment information, and other resources such as health insurance, housing, and basic needs. We support you through challenging times in recovery. Recovery coaching doesn’t focus on addiction or the past; we help you focus on the present, sustaining recovery, and supporting healthy ongoing change.

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Telephone Recovery Support:

Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) is another service we offer. Once a week someone at HOPE will call you to see how you are doing in your recovery. This is great support if someone is not able to come to the center in person. TRS can be a lifeline to stay in recovery. A single phone call can help someone feel cared about, accepted, and wanted. If a reoccurrence happens, we continue to reach out to our member, keep them engaged in the program, support them with resources, and offer hope.

Emergency Department Program:

Our Emergency Department (ED) Program connects overdose patients or patients showing signs of substance use disorder with Peer to Peer Recovery Coaches in the ED as well as in acute care settings. Under this initiative, peer recovery coaches are on call to contracted emergency departments every day (24/7).

When called, the peer recovery coach will:

  • Link individuals to treatment and recovery resources
  • Provide education on overdose prevention, and the use of NARCAN
  • Provide additional resources to patients and their family members
  • Connect the patient with additional recovery support upon discharge

Hope for NH Recovery is not solely focused on the recoveree, we are here to support the family as well. Our goal is to strengthen relations between family members diminished by addiction and alcoholism. We provide family support groups throughout the week assisting in understanding the complexities of substance use disorder while finding the support and help needed. Family recovery is about the collective family, as well as the individual family members who may need to go through their personal healing process. Know you are not alone in this; many families have suffered from substance misuse. Recovery is possible!

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