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Recovery Friendly Workplace

The Hope for NH Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative offers a compelling value proposition to employers – a program to get and keep well the employees or their loved ones suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

One in 10 Americans suffers from Substance Use Disorders and 70% are in the workplace yet hide their addiction due to stigma, shame, and fear of losing their employment. This results in 3 out of 5 never getting the help they need.

Each person suffering from SUD affects 3-4 other people (family, friends, colleagues). This is detrimental to a positive corporate culture and significantly drives up costs in the workplace.

Costs in the workplace

  • Reduced annual productivity costs NH businesses 1.6B/year.
  • Absenteeism costs are $180M/year
  • Results in 2x the sick leave and 2x healthcare costs
  • Dramatically increased turnover, hiring, and training costs
  • Equates to $1,700 per employee per year in total financial impact to company’s bottom-line.

But there is a solution. 24 million people are in long-term recovery in the United States. Evidence-based practices show that peer to peer support can be the most effective way to maintain recovery. The Hope for NH Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative works right alongside HR and employee assistance programs in providing specific addiction management and recovery support services to employees and their loved ones. Our program is designed to add to or start a workplace culture change by using our services to break down stigma and stereotypes by making the workplace recovery friendly.

Services Include:

  • Workplace education and outreach programs
  • Coordination with employee assistance, wellness, and benefits programs
  • Supervisor training and support
  • Human Resources support
  • 24/7 Confidential access to peer recovery supports for the employee or loved one
  • Co-Workers in recovery peer support
  • Outcome measurement
  • Pathway to sustained employment it the event of a reoccurrence of use

Much more.

We can customize a program to fit your individual company needs. Call to find out more about how your business can become a Recovery Friendly Workplace. O 603.935.7524