In-Person Meeting Schedule

*All outdoor meetings are held in the back parking lot by the van
Sunday: Closed  (3 Principles meets at the Derryfield Park 5 pm)
All Recovery 12:00-1:00p   outdoors
Yoga with Anthony 1:00-2:00p
SMART Recovery 5:00-6:00p
All Recovery 6:00-7:00p   outdoors
All Recovery 12:00-1:00p   outdoors
Parents in Recovery 5:00-6:00p
All Recovery   6:00-7:00p
HA Meeting 7:30-8:30p   outdoors, bring a chair
All Recovery  12:00-1:00p   outdoors
SMART Recovery   5:00-6:00p
AA Young People’s Big Book 7:30-8:30p   outdoors, bring a chair
All Recovery   6:00-7:00p   outdoors
All Recovery 12:00-1:00p   outdoors
All Recovery 6:00-7:00p   outdoors
LGBTQ + All – All Recovery  7:00-8:00p     outdoors
All Recovery 12:00-1:00p   outdoors
SMART Recovery 5:00-6:00p
All Recovery 6:00-7:00p   outdoors
HA Meeting  7:00-8:00p   outdoors, bring a chair
All Recovery  12:00-1:00p   outdoors
Mental Health Substance Misuse Peer Group 1:15-2:15p outdoors
NA Meeting 6:00-7:15p  outdoors, bring a chair
All Recovery        6:00-7:00p   outdoors

*** As we phase into our reopening, we will be adding meetings to our schedule once again – check back here for details!

Click the icons for local Zoom meetings

Daily 2:00p

Tue 5:00-6:00p, Sat 5:00- 6:00p

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00p

What Happens When I Click A Meeting Icon?
If this is the first time you use Zoom,

  1. You will be prompted to load Zoom on your device (It’s free!)
  2. Once downloaded, open Zoom and register your device
  3. Skip the page that asks for money for an upgrade
  4. Allow permission to access the video & audio recording. (this allows zoom to use your camera & microphone)
  5. Join the meeting!  If you are prompted to enter a meeting ID number, navigate back to the original link and click it again. You will be brought to the meeting click yes to “join with this device’s video” prompt.


NH – State-wide Meetings

AA Meetings hosted by RecoverYdia
Daily 6:30a, 12:00p, & 7:00p

National Resources