Our mission is to support people impacted by addiction through lived experience on their path to well-being.


Our Vision is that New Hampshire has solved drug and alcohol addiction.


 The origins of HOPE for NH Recovery began as Friends of Recovery NH in 1998. The name was changed to Friends of Recovery NH dba HOPE for NH Recovery in 2013. Implementing the groundwork and support other Recovery Community Organizations (RCO’s) from around the United States have shared so freely, we have in place a proven model for a recovery community center to support and foster recovery for all who find their way to its doors.

In the spring of 2014, we applied for and were awarded a grant to hire a Director. Shortly after, we started to build on our mission foundation of spreading the Recovery Movement throughout the state, while simultaneously working to open a Recovery Community Center.

This new director ran to countless meetings around the state that led to more meetings, which led to more meetings. Everyone seemed to want an answer to the current addiction crisis in our state but was unwilling to take the risk.

We had a small change in our staff in June 2015. We hired a seasoned Director of Recovery Support Services and opened the doors to the HOPE Manchester Recovery Community Center on July 15, 2015. Since opening the doors, we had to move to a larger temporary space in December 2015. The state’s first recovery community center moved, yet again, in the Fall of 2016 into its permanent location at 293 Wilson Street Manchester, NH.

We help other groups of recovering people to join with our HOPE family to create HOPE centers that fit their community’s needs. The collaborative between HOPE and the communities in northern NH is how Berlin Recovery Community Center came to be.

Our recovery centers are unique. They have evolved as the result of different individual’s commitment and approaches to providing recovery support services. These approaches have been developed and refined by the members of the recovery community as a team effort.

Friends of Recovery NH, dba/Hope for New Hampshire Recovery, is a 501c3 organization